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Welcome to PMLOGYwhere we turn your digital journeys into success stories. As your digital partner, we not only respond to the challenges of the modern world, but actively guide you through its ever-changing landscape. Our work encompasses a wide range of digital services - from strategic planning, to technology innovation, to complex marketing campaigns. In addition, we recently launched a division ITNaplno.cz, která se zaměřuje na komplexní IT řešení a správu, abychom vám zajistili klidný spánek vědomí, že vaše technologie jsou v bezpečných rukách.


Completed projects

Number of successfully completed projects we have implemented for our clients.


Implemented IT solutions

Number of IT solutions we have successfully implemented, including systems, applications and security measures.


Training conducted

The number of trainings we have provided to increase the expertise and efficiency of our clients' work teams.


Certificates and awards

The number of professional certificates and awards our team has received during the course of our practice.

Our team

Get to know our team - a group of passionate technology, design and digital marketing professionals. Each of us brings a unique set of skills, experience and personal passion to PMLOGA. With this diversity, we are able to offer a tailored solution that fits your exact needs. We are more than just colleagues - we are a team that celebrates every success together and learns from every challenge.

  • Petr Machů
  • Petr Langr
  • Pavel Křeháček
  • Tomáš Rypar
    Technical expert
  • Jakub Šálek
    Business Marketing Manager

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